The New Look

Willow & Clo got a makeover! We not only got a new look, but also new things! We have now added interiors to our stock with the beautiful work from Kopper Kreation. We are very lucky to be featuring some items from this brand and cannot wait to show them to you all!

The first item I want to showcase is this Copper Pipe Candle Holder.

IMG_4201This candle holder caught my eye and immediately reminded me of Lumière from Beauty and the Beast. The copper color is magnificent and will go with any color candle you choose to put in. The holder is welded together, not glued making this piece very strong and durable. This piece is so different from any candlestick holder I have seen making it the perfect gift!

This new item is an iPad holder that we now have been using in the store on a day to day basis and have fallen in love.

My favorite part about this piece is its simpleness. This piece provides hedonic and utilitarian value because it completes the basic function of holding up your iPad and also  has this industrial finish that is quite trendy right now.

Now on to the lamps. Kopper Kreation creates these tantalizing lamps that I absolutely cannot resist.

We carry these lamps in four different sizes. The first is the floor lamp in the right photo. The lamp in the photo on the left comes in large and small. Pictured is the small size. Finally, there is another lamp very similar to the one pictured in the left photo but has a square base instead of triangle. These lamps are all one piece and have a colored chord going through the entire piece. These chords come in burgundy, black, and gray.

Another spectacular item we now carry in store is this copper letter holder.

IMG_4213This holder allows you to fit so many papers, notepads, etc in a tight space to add a little tidiness to your desk. The copper color goes with any office space and is a perfect addition for anyone who values organization.

Though small; very mighty. These tea light candle holder are precious and add a nice ambiance to any space.


Because of their neutral color, these tea light candles go with any color scheme already in place. These would look elegant on the dining room table next to flowers or rustic by your patio furniture. The versatility of this pieces gives it its value. These small pieces are guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

All the pieces from Kopper Kreation are handmade by the designer himself. The interiors I have showcased above are not even the only designs we have here in our store. We also have book ends, copper laptop stand, and business card holder.

So with all of our new stock, we thought we needed a new look and our display window needed an upgrade. We decided to go with the “story by story” theme because of all the stories that the jewelry pieces were inspired by. Each of our collections has their own stories and meaning that go behind them so we decided to emphasize this idea with a book themed window.

As you can see we really tried to portray the story theme of the jewelry inside with the book directly at eye level reading “Story By Story,” the book on the ground displaying the rings, and the hanging feather cut pages. Another small book detail we added, was the tiny rolled up pieces scattered around. Our goal was to make the theme clear, without overdoing it. Our original idea included books hanging from the tree but the weight of the books dangling over all the jewelry made us a little nervous so we decided to scratch that idea. Additionally, we added some Kopper Kreation pieces to the window. Since the pieces are going fast, the display window is continually changing.


Come by our shop this week to see the new look and new interior pieces!




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