Traveling with Jewelry

If you’re anything like me, you think packing for a trip is the greatest thing ever. I love putting together all my outfits for the days and figuring out what jeans go best with what top so on and so on. I have always loved organization so the whole packing activity will always be enjoyable for me. When it comes to packing, I lay out all my outfits before I put everything in the suitcase so I can guarantee that I haven’t forgotten anything! When I say outfit, I mean the entire thing from head to toe. I start with the clothing and then add on the shoes and jewelry. You can roll up the clothes and stuff the shoes in but the jewelry is sometimes more tricky!

Just this past year I got a jewelry case as a gift and I have been obsessed with it ever since. Its about the size of a hand all spread out and such a fun color!

IMG_3990My particular one is from Anthropologie and as you can see it can fit so many pieces neatly in a small space! There are many holes for your earrings to reside and a multipurpose strap that could be used for rings or necklaces but I tend to keep my rings there! There are also three necklace hooks that can of course hold more than 1 necklace on each hook. My favorite thing about this case in particular is the security it provides for all the pieces. None of my pieces have ever fallen out of place making it really easy to find what I am looking for.


I would recommend a jewelry traveling case to anyone who is frequently on the move and cares about the wellbeing of their jewelry. These cases allow you to bring all the different pieces of jewelry you want to on the trip. Unfortunately, this case is no longer in stock but Anthropologie now has this May Flower Jewelry Case on their website with this adorable print!

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 5.09.05 PM


This next jewelry travel case is WOLF and actually sold in our store!


It has a lot of space for your pieces and even has a secret compartment in the lower bottom part of the case! The suede on this case is very soft and has somewhat of a squish to it which puts my mind at ease because suitcases can really get flung around especially at the airport. I really like how many rings and earrings can fit in the middle part and how much space each necklace has on the sides. Another compelling aspect of this case is the large mirror on the lid!


As you can see, jewelry traveling cases are ideal but sometime you are in a pinch and need something simple that will hold your pieces. There is something very nerve-racking about just throwing your necklace in your cosmetics bag. I learned this neat trick a few years ago from a friend. Simply find a baggie and put your necklace in there but keep some of the chain out to prevent tangling.


No one wants to open their suitcase at their final destination after travel and find all their necklaces tangled. Everyone is tired after travel and just want to start their vacation the right, shiny, and untangled way. 🙂




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