Caring For Your Pieces

Shopping for jewelry is so exciting. Purchasing jewelry is so exciting. Wearing new jewelry is so so exciting. Caring for your jewelry is not so exciting. We all want our pieces to last forever but it is up to us as jewelry owners to make that happen. Caring for your pieces may not be that exciting but it is so important when trying to preserve the wearability of your jewelry. There are a few tips and tricks that help when caring for your jewelry and when all done consistently, your jewelry will remain beautiful!


  1. Avoid contact with perfume, water, sprays, and body lotions

The most common places to spray your perfume is your neck and wrists and of course that is exactly where your necklace and bracelet lay. Try to put your perfume high enough on your neck or wrist so that the piece of jewelry cannot reach it. Another option is to put your perfume on before your jewelry and give it ample time to dry before putting on that necklace or bracelet. The same thing goes for body lotions or body sprays. Best to avoid the combination of anything like that and jewelry!


  1. Take off before showering

At least for me, this is the hardest tip to remember. I often find myself realizing I still have my pieces on once I am already in the shower and then it becomes a mad rush to take them off. In order to remember this one, I have placed a sticky note on my mirror that just says “jewelry” so I see it every time before I step into the shower! This little reminder has saved a lot of my pieces from tarnishing!


  1. Take off before exercising

Although fine pieces of jewelry are durable, they are not indestructible and that unlucky jolt of the arm into the side of the treadmill isn’t always that forgiving to your rings. On the other hand, some jewelry is alright for lower impact workout like yoga but in my opinion, it is rather uncomfortable to have a bracelet flinging around when you are practicing yoga. In addition, the cleanliness of your pieces is important. You do not want to get sweat stuck in your jewelry that will stay and cause the pieces to tarnish. Finally, exercising and sweating with jewelry on can damage the plating. There are simply a lot of negative things that can come from this so I would advise to just keep the jewelry at home when you head off to the gym.


  1. Store in the box provided

This is the simplest tip to follow and is very effective! When purchasing jewelry, you will typically get a box to put it here! At Willow & Clo, the customers can choose from a pouch or a box when purchasing jewelry. The pouch comes in handy when you are traveling because it can easily fit in your luggage while the box is still tiny but less pliable. Both options are adorable and as long as your jewelry is protected it doesn’t really matter what it is in! Plus, it look sweet on top of your dresser holding and protecting your pieces.


  1. Wipe pieces with a soft cotton cloth

To ensure pieces stay bright and clean, wipe it with a soft cotton cloth. This precaution is especially good to do if wearing in high humidity. Do make sure this cloth is not a polishing cloth! Wiping down your jewelry helps get the dirt or anything else out that shouldn’t be there before its been there too long and seems stuck.



Everyone should be aware of the importance of jewelry upkeep whether they have a bunch of pieces or like to keep it simple. Add these tricks and routines into your life and you will be amazed at how long your pieces keep that ‘new’ look.



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