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We all have had that one friend that is incredibly difficult to shop for. Everyone wants to give that friend the perfect gift but sometimes it can seem nearly impossible. Below I am going to illustrate the five step process I have used when buying any sort of gift for a family member or friend. The most important thing when getting someone a gift is to try and stay away from the gift card to their favorite store or just cash. Although they may be excited about the gift card, it is not personable. It’s really not terribly hard to find a gift especially if you follow these five steps!

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The best way to start any gift finding process is doing a little research on that specific persons likes and dislikes. Another important thing to consider when browsing gift options is what they already have. There is nothing worse than giving your friend a necklace that they already own or have the exact same one in a different color. Something I have started doing with gifts is keeping a note in my phone of anything my friends have said they wanted. I have notes of things my sister wants even though her birthday is seven months away but this way it significantly cuts down the gift brainstorming time when those seven months are up! So now that you have gotten to your gift recipients likes and dislikes down its time to move on to buying that gift.

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At this point, you have some gift ideas in mind and you are on your way to the store you think will be the best fit. This next step is something that isn’t what most people are exactly excited about. Step 2 in the gift giving process is to communicate your gift ideas to the employees at the store you are hoping to find this gift at. Store employees know the ins and outs of all of the products and want to assist you if you let them. They can help show you in the right direction of what you’re looking for and it’s never a bad thing to create a connection with the store’s employees. Communicating your ideas to the salesperson can only help you get to that end goal faster!

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This next step is something I often find myself guilty of doing. I love fashion and feel passionate about certain styles that I tend to only look for those styles when I am shopping. The best way to avoid shopping for yourself is to keep in mind step one. Before going into the store, you should have a good idea of what the person would want, this will keep you from veering towards your specific style preferences. Even if the gift recipient has similar style or seems to compliment your style frequently, try and stick strictly to their preferences because at the end of the day they end up with the gift, not you.

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In my opinion, the best part to a gift is the card that comes inside. The card is a great way to express your gratitude for their friendship and homemade cards are guaranteed to put a smile on their face. Everyone loves to be told how much they are appreciated. Everyone also loves receiving a gift so put those two together and you have made that person very happy. There are also some great card options you can buy at the store and that way all you need to do is write your own personalized note on the inside. The card comes first so set the tone right and your gift is sure to be a success.

my-post-51.jpgFinally, it is time to wrap up the gift! Presentation is so important. Everyone appreciates a nicely wrapped package especially if the item inside is just as likable! Wrap it up, put it in a box, tie a ribbon around it, whatever strikes your fancy! Wrapping paper can get to be expensive so something I have started doing is wrapping the box in old newspaper. It oddly enough looks very neat and gives it a vintage feel! Try it for yourself and let us know what you think. Better yet, wrap one of the Willow & Clo jewelry boxes in newspaper to really get the “story by story” theme across!




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