Pairing Pieces with Polish

What is the one thing that makes us women look put together even if we feel totally discombobulated? Nicely polished nails. Having your nails done is one of the greatest feelings. Whether you get them done or do them yourself, they are a great accent with any outfit and occasion. I tend to be the person that always has my nails done because of this put together feeling it gives me. I enjoy painting my own nails because it is quick and quite a bit cheaper than going to a salon. My two favorite nail polish brands are Butter London and Essie. In addition, nail polish has this magical power of making your jewelry look brighter and more beautiful on. I have learned that certain polish colors pair well with certain gems and below I am going to outline a few of my favorite combinations.


My go to color for as long as I can remember has been a simple beige or tan. Although this color doesn’t bring attention to your nails, it looks absolutely beautiful with whatever outfit you have on and always presents a sophisticated look. A nice beige also complements any skin tone and doesn’t wash you out. Because of this nail polish’s simple nature, pairing it with other more simple pieces looks amazing. I choose to pair this beige butter color with the willow black onyx ring and our puddle black onyx cluster ring. These rings are simple yet also different because of the black onyx gem making them the perfect pair with beige nails. This specific Butter London nail polish shown is Yummy Mummy Nail Lacquer.



Next on the list of nail polishes is that somewhat shiny metallic color that seems to be so popular recently. My favorite jewelry duo with this color has got to be silver pieces. Often times, silver rings and bracelets tend to get lost in your wardrobe but the shiny metallic brings the attention straight to your hands. This is a neat mix between a subtle color like gray and the exciting shiny characteristic! My two ring picks are both from the lava collection and are the lava circle ring and the lava moonstone ring.  Furthermore, the shine from your nails parallels the simplistic shine of silver jewelry. In my opinion, this a very cohesive look and one that works for all sorts of occasions. This nail polish is Essie’s social-lights.



Moving onto the beautiful willow citrine ring. Clearly there are a lot of polish options to pair with the delicate ring but my personal pick would be a light dusty green. I choose this color because of the story behind the willow collection. This collection was Chloe’s first collection hence the store’s name; Willow & Clo. These pieces were inspired by the feminine quality of the willow tree leaves so I thought what better color to pair this piece with than a green color just like those leaves! This polish color is Essie’s sage you love me.



Now for the most classic nail polish color of all time; light pink. This color is many women’s go to color because you know this color is going to look good and it is true, it always looks good. I believe that gold pieces really complement the light pink color and vice versa. You cannot go wrong with this classic look. These two rings in particular, the lava circle ring and the lava moonstone ring, work really well with this color because the bright gold jewelry draws attention to the hands and the delicate pink shade from Essie called matter of fiction strengthens that eloquent look.



Finally, plain white nail polish. This polish is one of the greatest things we have seen in fashion especially after you’ve gotten yourself a nice tan. The great thing about white polish is how versatile it is. Whenever I have a colored ring like this chrysoprase cluster ring I tend to pair it with whites. I like to go for a highly pigmented, bold white for a solid clean look to go with my colorful jewelry. Regardless of the ring’s style, shape, or color, the white is a consistent clean palette for the ring. This polish color from Butter London is called cotton buds.


As you can see I tend to stick with more simple polish and lets be honest, with or without the polish, the pieces look amazing worn. I like to have the polish on because it does give me that sophisticated, together feeling that every women wants to feel. Pairing polish with jewelry is all about colors complementing each other and neither one overpowering the another.




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