Dress Up & Down

Summertime is finally here which means it is time for some casual get togethers with friends and family in addition to weddings and other fancy gatherings. Jewelry is the easiest part of your entire wardrobe to wear. In particular, Willow & Clo Jewelry is the easiest part of your entire wardrobe to wear. My favorite part about this store’s collections is the versatility of all the pieces.

Take these earrings:

Willow Collection – Citrine and Black Onyx

These darling earrings are four different styles all in one piece of jewelry. The dangly pieces are connected behind the citrine stud and are very easy to take off and on. This creative idea can transform one piece of jewelry into a simple stud earring or three different dangly earring styles.

As you can see, these citrine and black onyx earrings can be worn to sophisticated events or just an everyday casual dinner with friends. Us at Willow & Clo feel that dressing up for the occasion is always acceptable to wear the fancy earrings to work, around the house on a lazy Sunday, or even to the market late Tuesday evening. You’re going to look great in these no matter where you go!

Furthermore, another one of my most favourite pieces here at Willow & Clo are these simple rings from the lava collection. The rings come in silver, rose gold, and yellow gold.

These lava circle rings can be layered on top of one another or worn on a chain as a necklace to provide a dainty detail with a solid coloured or patterned shirt. The versatility of this piece fosters a unique styling opportunity for the wearer and a great gift option as well! This simple look is once again acceptable for many different events.

Speaking of effortless necklaces, this wrap necklace from the Willow collection is a compliment waiting to happen.

As you can see in the pictures there are many different ways to show off this beautiful piece of jewelry. This necklace comes in either champagne citrine or citrine and smoky quartz and is 22kt yellow gold plated on sterling silver. Once again, this is another piece that could be dressed up for a fancy occasion or dressed down for a more casual lunch or day of work.

Sometimes the hardest part about jewelry is figuring out what goes with what and making sure the colours do not clash. Statement pieces often times make this difficult because you are so excited to wear that specific piece of jewelry but have a hard time finding the wardrobe that will go with it. On the other hand, when you own more versatile jewelry, you instantly have more options of wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, statement pieces can be absolutely gorgeous and complete an outfit entirely on its own. I am just saying that a ring that can also be worn on a chain as a necklace or an earring that can be worn four different ways sounds very appealing… at least to me!

Jewelry is meant to be exciting and fun and add something to your wardrobe that a piece of fabric cannot. Every piece of jewelry here at Willow & Clo tells a story. Come in to find out more about all the stories and fall in love with our versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down.


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