Our Summer Interns Top Picks

We are very excited to add one more to the team this Summer! Our new summer intern is from Virginia and is currently experiencing her first week in Ireland. It’s important to have someone look at the jewelry with fresh eyes and be able to give her honest take on all the pieces. Throughout her first week of work here, certain pieces have especially stood out to her and we want to share these with you! We are going to highlight some of her instant favorites and explain why these pieces got her attention so quickly.

The soundwave collection was an instant favorite because of how personal these gifts can be to a dear friend or family member. WCS.CTER.02.YG Bella Vita €149These earrings have the soundwave “Bella Vita” engraved which is an Italian saying that means “Beautiful Life.” This saying reminds you to always see the beauty in life’s little pleasures and victories even when everything isn’t going exactly right. Our intern has many friends abroad in Italy right now and thinks this would be the perfect gift for them to commemorate their summer in Italy.


In addition, another piece that caught her attention were these beautiful earrings.WCD.CTER.18.CIT.RG. Citrine Set Drop €289They are the perfect addition to a fancy night out. The champagne citrine stones are absolutely beautiful and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. The timeless characteristic of these earrings makes them a perfect gift for a family member or friend because it is something they can always remember you by. These earrings are also a perfect gift just for yourself!

The silver lining collection has a very special meaning behind it. Just as it sounds, this collection is all about finding the silver lining in every situation. We all face many challenges every day and that is just part of going through life but if one has the ability to see the positive in a situation, they can handle anything. WCSL.CTBR.01.SS.YG Silver Linings Br £105This bracelet provides a simple everyday reminder that there is goodness in every situation you just have to look for it!

It’s always good to get some fresh eyes to look at the collections and see which ones speak to them and why. All of the collections here at Willow & Clo have their own story behind them. Come into our store in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre and look for yourself!


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